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Why Zoddle Is A Good Fit For Instructors?

Generic booking systems are not fit for driving instructors. Driving instructors must have spacing between lessons. With our system you can set spacing between each lesson. This gives you ample time to get to your next lesson.

Learners’ Account Area

New and existing  learners can view their upcoming lessons and make cancellation requests. Instructors are notified of any cancellations and subsequent emails are sent to all parties about change of status .

Overview of Zoddle’s Fantastic Features


  • Daily and weekly view of each instructor’s schedule

  • Allow customers to pick single and multiple hourly lessons

  • Let customers pick instructor of their choice

  • Customers get access to a panel to manage appointments

  • Automatically notify customers about upcoming lessons

  • Allow customers to cancel appointments X hours before lesson


  • Automatically maintains calendar for each instructor

  • Assign automatic, manual or both lesson types to instructors

  • Individual price list for each instructor

  • Instructors get access to a panel to manage appointments

  • Set working hours and capacity for each instructor
  • Set day off and annual holidays for each instructor

  • Automatic notifications to instructors about new bookings

  • Automatic notifications to instructors about cancellations

  • Evening notification with next day agenda to instructors

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

Risk Free. No Credit Card Required.

Zoddle Integrates Seamlessly

We can simply integrate Zoddle in to your existing website or we can give you a stand-alone system if you don’t have a website. Thirdly, we can also also give you a full website with built-in Zoodle booking system.

Zoddle for schools or single instructors

Zoddle is designed with single or multiple instructor needs in mind. With our self organising calendar, it take away the need for a system administrator,  making it very easy and practical to use. This allows you single user or unlimited number of instructors with their own personal calendar and work space.

Take Payments Online or Locally

Allow your customers to make payments online directly to your paypal, bank account or even pay you cash locally. Zoddle does not charge you extra for processing payments.

Be More Connected With Your Customers

Give your learners a modern and functional system to engage with your school and create brand ambassadors for your business.